Sunday, September 15, 2013

My Favorite Football Player

 Ike asked me on the way to the game today who was my favorite football player?  You, buddy, you.  Forget Matt Forte -- it's you. 
Ike plays center, and he's not too shabby.  His brain and body seem to be working together this year.  Last year he was a little smaller and still learning.  He was captain today -- BIG stuff.  Very proud.  Trying not to swoon into that super braggy mom, but captain is huge.

Saturday, August 31, 2013

We are Warriors!

 BEFORE the Warrior Dash
After the Warrior Dash

Ike and Ava model our trophy horns.  Warrior Dash is one of those crazy fun races where you climb mud hills, belly crawl through trenches, scramble over walls, etc.  We went with a group of friends and got down and dirty together.  We even came home to homemade cookies -- thanks best kids ever!

Luck Lady

Claire has a talent none of us can learn.  She can find four-leaf clovers anywhere anytime.  This little bouquet came from the football field while watching Ike practice.  She found 9 in a matter of five minutes!   This happens all the time.  Crazy

What the poo?

This is what I live with.  My kids discovered that wetting the cardboard tube from the t.p. looks similar to poo.  Why they were testing this, I have no idea.  This has become a new favorite prank for company and friends.  Beware if you come by sometime.

2013 First Day

What an odd start for school.  My kids waited for the bus in hoodies, because the temperature only rose to around 70.  Not the usual sweaty start.  Ike and Ava are loving 4th grade, and I am loving their teachers.  Fourth grade starts the subject tracting, so they move around for science, math, and reading.  Surprise, surprise -- Ike and Ava have all three of these together.  I have warned the teachers not to set them by one another.  It's like a match and gas -- it's not if, but when will they burst. 

School this year is so different from last.  Fourth grade and seventh grade must be a rest year.  Everyone is loving school.  I am poised waiting for the other shoe to drop, but so far, so good.


We were so surprised that Paige and Claire are locker neighbors for 7th grade.  I think this was a relief since they are so comfortable around each other.  They enjoy catching up between classes.  They even have two classes together this year.  Seventh grade is whole new (and better) year for our girls.  Classes are more laid back, teachers are kinder, and friends are far less drama (so far).


 Claire saved her payday money all summer to have her ears double pierced.  It went really fast, and she claims painless.  I had to sign permission, but she took care of the rest.